fredag, januar 16, 2009

A quick hi with some awards:)

Hello ladies, here is just a quick post from me since it's the day before my wedding!! Just have some decorating, picking up flowers and rings left to do. And tonight I get three of my very best friends coming to stay with me and I can't wait for them to arrive!! We'll eat good food, talk and just have the best time:) :) Hopefully the nerves won't hit me until I have to get everything ready for my guests now, but I just wanted to post some of the awards I've received lately. I so appreciate the gesture, and since I haven't been able to blog for ages this really means a lot to me. So THANK YOU!!!
This first award is from my dear friend Lim. Thank you sweetie for thinking of me!
This award was given to me by Alina. Thank you so much!

This award was given to me by Kreativ Kristin ( Angelo). Thank you so much!

And this last one I received from Heike. Thank you so much!
To make it easy for myself because of the timelimit, I choose to give all of the awards to the people on this list:
You girls give me so much inspiration and I always try to visit your blogs (even if I should be doing something Your work is pure inspiration!

And don't forget Lims fabulous blog candy! There's two prices so go to her blog, get the details and join in!
I promise to be back with some new work when things are going back to normal again;)

7 kommentarer:

alina sa...

Hello Line,
how nice of you to make time for us when you have such a busy day!
I've missed you and I couldn't wait to hear about you!
I wish you to be very happy, have a wonderful day, enjoy every moment! And today have a wonderful time with your friends! I can't wait to see some fotooooooooooooo's!

Many hugs, Alina

Jannhild sa...

Hei vennen!!
Skal du gift deg i morgen???? Ojojoj, det har gått meg hus forbi!! Jeg har tydeligvis ikke lest godt nok i bloggen din. Har ikke vært så aktiv selv de siste må håper jeg er tilbake nå!!

Ønsker deg all lykke til i morgen på den stoooore store dagen!! Håper dere får en uforglemmelig dag!!

God klem fra Jannhild

Angelo sa...

Tusen, tusen takk for awardene!!

Kos deg masssssse! Nyt hvert øyeblikk og kos deg med mannen i ditt liv og gjestene og maten og seremonien og ... ja, alt som dagen gir deg!

Varm klem fra Kristin :)

Marte sa...

Tusen takk for hyggelig awarder, og masse gratulerer med bryllup i morgen! Ta vare på alle minnene, de kommer ikke i reprise.. :)

Godklem fra meg

Kim Piggott sa...

Hey Line,
It's so good to hear from you. I can't believe that it is finally here and you are going to be a married women so soon!!!!!!
I wish you the most amazing day ever and I will be thinking about you so much on your magical day.
Sooooooooo looking forward to the photo's.
I am so happy for you, have a brilliant time tonight!
Thanks so much for the award you are just so lovely to think of me.
Happy Happy day tomorrow!!!!
big wedding hugs
kim xxx

Maya sa...

Tuuusen takk for awarden!!!
Og gratulerer så masse me dagen :)
Stor klem fra Maya :)

Jannhild sa...

Tuuusen takkk for awardsene!!! Så snill du er!!!

Håper dere hadde en strålende uforglemmelig dag på lørdag, og gleder meg til vi får se blider :)

Klem og ha en flott kveld videre!!