søndag, januar 25, 2009

Fun photo challenge:)

Fun photo challenge!!!
I received this challenge from Marte:
Open the folder "my pictures".
In the 6th folder, take the 6th picture and post it on your blog.
Write something about the picture.
Challenge 6 new people to join this challenge.
Put a link in their blog to let them know they are challenged.
Gå til foto/mapper.
Ta ut den 6. mappen og deretter det 6. bildet i denne mappen.
Sett bildet på bloggen og skriv noe om dette bildet.
Inviter 6 nye til å bli med på denne utfordringen.
Link til dem, og la dem vite at de er utfordret.
Her er mitt bilde:

This is a picture from the trip I took with my maid of honour to Denmark in July last year. This is the view from our hotelroom, just a little outside of Århus. As you can see the beach were close by and at night we could hear the waves crash in to shore. A wonderful place I can tell you. It was also on this trip I bought my weddingdress:) If you're curious about that you can find pictures here

Here is the 6 wonderful people I'm passing this challenge to:







Thanks for playing along!

4 kommentarer:

Kim Piggott sa...

OK oh buddy old pal I am so glad you sent this my way. Lordy what can that photo be. Well I will have to go and find out! Beautiful picture what a lovely memory to have where you bought you wedding dress just perfect!
kim x

Lim sa...

This is a beautiful picture. I love the ocean and here look so calm. Gorgeous.. and your wedding dress is to die for!! I love it!!

Thank you for the challenge :))



Jannhild sa...

Hei på deg!

Tusen takk for utfordringen, Line!! Nå er den gjort også!! Før det ble for seint....

Klem og ha en flott dag i morgen!!

Suz sa...

Underbar kort du gör ! Jag blir stum av beundran//Suz