fredag, januar 30, 2009

Friday Sketchers Sketch # 36 - the card that missed the deadline...

Our internet is finally back and I'm so happy!!! I made a quick post earlier today, and I had to use the computer at work during my break the be sure my card made the deadline lol. This one is a lost case for the wonderful sketch Bea made for Friday Sketchers last week, but I wanted to show you anyway. This is also a babycard that I gave to Hilde and her husband, they are expecting a babyboy in May. The sentiment "Hjertelig tillykke" means " A heartfelt congratulations"

On the inside I made a little pocket for the Bola necklace that I gave to Hilde.

These words in norwegian means " lying safely inside mummys tummy"

A little closeup from the back of the card:
This is an explanation for the use of this necklace. It is a little xylophone inside it that makes a sound that is suppose to be soothing for the little one in mummys tummy. The string is long so it will reach down on your tummy and they say that the child can recognize the sound from week 20 in the pregnancy. When the baby is born you can use it in the pram, in the nursery or other, and the child will recognize the sound from the time in the tummy. I think it's a really cute gift to give.

It comes in many patterns and colours

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I just LOVE to read those wonderful comments you leave me! :)

7 kommentarer:

LizzyWizzy sa...

Lovely card, Line!
Great colours and very nicely decorated :-)

Kim Piggott sa...

Line this is so adorable!
Your image and papers are just gorgeous. Love those flowers so pretty.
Fabulous little charms,
Love that necklace. Never seen one of these. Sounds like a great idea. Such a lovely gift.
Great to know that you are back online again yay!
kim x

alina sa...

It's a very beautiful card, Line, very sweet! Beautiful details!
Have a nice weekend!
Hugs, Alina

Mina sa...

what a beautiful card and gift...fabulous card xxx

Kristin sa...

Så flott kort og gave, Line! Tenker Hilde blir glad for det! ;)

Aina sa...

Så koselig kort! Gjett om de blir glade for det :O)

Eva sa...

Wow, that's such a pretty card and a lovely, thoughtful gift! I've never heard of those necklaces before... Great idea.

(And thanks for the comment on my blog!)